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MMA Media is a hub where grapplers can push their learning beyond the mat. From technique, takedowns and mindset, we collaborate with high-level instructors and athletes to provide high-quality, easy-to-follow instructionals.

We’re for coaches, dedicated learners and die-hard competitors. If you’re hungry to get better, our platform will give you the freedom to personalise your development. And that’s regardless of time, place and affiliation.

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Learn anywhere, anytime

Watch, listen and learn on your many devices. Everything’s easy to access and you can even download your purchases as MP4s.

Easy to follow & apply

MMA Media instructionals couldn’t be simpler to navigate and follow. We label each key “chapter” so it’s easy to skip to the bits that matter most.

High-quality viewing

It’s one thing to work with great instructors, but we also work hard to make sure your video quality looks and sounds sharp.


All prices in AUD

“I’ve watched a lot of instructionals – Danaher, Gordon,
Kit Dale…MMA Media is up there with the best”


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