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How to Not Lose Stripes on Your Belt During Quarantine

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Help! The gym’s closed! Yep, it’s a common thread for the majority of us who are staying home right now. When you’ve got no reason to put your gi on and your training partner is MIA, it might seem like there’s only so much you can do to get your BJJ fix.

But times like these also open doors to fix up the other parts of our game. So find a space in your living room and ask your coach if they’ve got spare mats lying around. It’s time to work on¬†conditioning, drilling, and expanding on what you already know.

TIP 1: Don’t be the person that did nothing

You don’t need to invest in a full home gym to get stronger, move better or practice technique. As long as you’ve got a living area, a backyard, or a garage with ample space, there’s room to move. Strength training and mobility drills can keep your heart rate and momentum up. Gotta mix up those hours on the couch!

TIP 2: Hit up online BJJ classes

If your club’s fully closed, there are a heap of affiliations out there offering online sessions to non-members. These aren’t always advertised so you might have to enquire within or hunt this info down on socials. Workouts will probably be shorter and rolls won’t be the same, but end of the day, it’s a productive way to use your time. Also make a visit to our friends at Bullet Proof for BJJ.

TIP 3: Check in with your coaches and team mates

Is the motivation slipping through the cracks? Stay in touch with your coach and team to see how they’ve managed to hold up a routine. Go one further and ask for a quick work out plan to keep you accountable.

TIP 4: Get specific about your training

There’s always one guy or girl on the team that goes a little bit extra. If that happens to be you, why not take your ground game to a whole new level with a good ol’ MMA Media instructional. You can get really structured about your progress and gain a whole new perspective by seeing how other coaches apply the art (apparently BJJ Fanatics do something similar).

TIP 5: Eat as though there’s a competition around the corner

Spending more time at home also means more fridge access. And you don’t need a blog post to tell you that a healthy diet will make a huge difference to your performance on your grand return. It’s mega tempting when you’re not due to put on a rashie in the foreseeable future, but don’t take it as permission to let [too] loose.

Let’s be real. That first session back will leave us gassed out in the warm up. But hey, there are some things we can do to make sure we’re not starting from scratch.


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