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The 7 Types of Blue Belts That Lurk in Every BJJ Gym

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Regardless of where you sit in the BJJ pyramid, you’ve probably got the Blue Belts in your radar. Starting out as a fresh White Belt, you’re on the hunt for the first big promotion. At Purple, you’ll still remember the good ol’ days. By Brown Belt, you’ve got the Blue Belts attempting all sorts of weird moves. And as Coach…well the next hand out of stripes are on you. So this one goes out to the much-loved Blue Belts in our community. Can you think of someone for each type?

1: The “Sponsored” Athlete

Look in their wardrobe and all you’ll see are Hyperfly gis and an oversupply of merchandise. This Blue Belt is in their prime and they aren’t afraid to show it! The “Sponsored Athlete” probably has the word “BJJ” somewhere in their Instagram bio, and if not, it’s written all over their feed. Always keen for a class photo, their huge advocates for their gym and probably spend most of their spare time looking at jiu-jitsu memes.

2: The Four-Stripe-For-Life

Okay, this guy or girl has been in the game for a VERY long time. Ask them anything about the scene and they’ll somehow know the back story. When it comes to BJJ, the Four-Stripe-For-Life knows the whos, the whats and the wheres, and they’re always up for a conversation – it’s no surprise they have a reputation for being last to leave the gym. Truth be told, they’re great to have around because they’re loyal to the club and make the newbies feel welcome.

3: The Intern

Three words to describe the Intern – young, wild and free. As soon as this White Belt turned Blue, they were the first to ask Coach whether they could help out around the club. At this point in life, this grappler is all in. You’ll find them cleaning the mats, helping out in kids classes, hanging out at reception and doing whatever they can to get a free membership. 

Belts BJJ4: The Poster Child

Here we have a Blue Belt who got there through nothing but sweat and hard work. The Poster Child is always on time, doesn’t take short cuts, and they’re seen as the dark horse of the group. Hard-working yet humble, they’re the ones who compete often and ask way too many questions. When no one’s watching, they’re taking notes, studying their matches and watching instructionals on how to get better. Super detailed and analytical, everyone knows they’ll be first off the rank when it comes to getting promoted at grading.

5: The Weekday Warrior

The Weekday Warrior is the nine-to-fiver who’s notorious for talking about jiu-jitsu at work. Naturally fit and health conscious, they see BJJ as their hobby and escape from daily life. Don’t be surprised if they’ve got it written on their resume or LinkedIn profile. They’re not overly fussed about moving up to Purple and they’re happy to get two or three sessions in a week.

6: The Second-Placer

You’ll see them place at every IBJJF or Grappling Industries comp. They dominate every free-roll in the gym (and they’re definitely at Purple Belt level), but Coach wants them to stay put a little longer. The Second-Placer has a competitive spirit and has a life goal of becoming a Black Belt. They treat the gym as their second home and have a habit of leaving their things around the gym.

7: The Shooter

This person literally started BJJ like a year ago. The Shooter deep down knows they’re meant to be white belt, but they’ll never own up to it. They’re an all-or-nothing type who either trains all day, every day, or none at all. It’s no surprise they’ve got some history with judo or wrestling and they have this weird thing against pulling Guard. Jokes aside, their No-Gi game is pretty vicious.



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