About MMA Media

Wanna know where it all began? Okay, here’s the four-one-one on MMA Media – the home of online instructionals, produced to give your grappling the edge.

From the ‘burbs of Melbourne, Australia, MMA Media was founded in 2018 by blue-belt-for-life Chris Triantopoulos. Before it turned into an online store, MMA Media was a humble photography and video production business. Back then, we were dedicated to making high-quality content accessible to the local MMA and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community.

It took 2 years of shooting events, gym promos and even a Craig Jones documentary, until it became time to shift the focus. MMA Media instructionals were born. A new vision was set to serve the wider grappling community through a format that was engaging, convenient and darn right easy-to-follow.

MMA Media About

Whether you’re out there to win comps, take down the Judo kid, or work your way up the belt ranks, we got your back! And this goes for everything from technique, conditioning, mindset and whatever it takes to fulfil your jiu-jitsu or wrestling lifestyle.

With a sh*t ton of videos to film, we’re always open to your suggestions on what to cover. If you have an athlete or coach in mind, send your ideas through to info@mmamedia.com.au and we’ll see if we can whip something up.

Thanks for watching us and we’ll catch you on the mat!


To make grappling training personalised


To give grapplers a platform to improve and grow, beyond affiliation or location