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How do I download my instructional?

Once you've purchased your instructional, you'll receive a download link. Easy as that! You can even select your own video size and resolution.

What format does my instructional come in? Which devices are supported?

All MMA Media instructionals are available for download on MP4 meaning you can watch on mobile, tablet, desktop and TV.

What's the go with your refund policy?

A lot of planning and effort goes into producing our instructionals. If you feel your instructional isn't up to industry standards, please request a refund to info@mmamedia.com.au and we can discuss the process and eligibility of returning the funds via your original payment method.

Can I share a copy of my instructional to a friend?

It's important that you can practice the drills and techniques with a training partner. However, the instructional is for you and your devices only. On that note, if you gained something out of your purchase, we would grateful if you could recommend it to your club. Oss!

How do I become an instructor at MMA Media?

We are always looking for engaging and high-level coaches to work with. If you have a specific skill-set to share, please send an enquiry with a detailed description of your background and interest to chris@mmamedia.com.au.

Are the instructionals okay for kids?

In short, yes. We follow strict guidelines around our editing process and can ensure that our instructionals don't have any content that would be seen as explicit, unethical or socially irresponsible.