80+ Techniques From White to Blue



This masterclass summarises (just about) all the techniques you’ll come across in your first few years of BJJ. Get comfortable, because Coach Ivan Voranoff summarises the most frequently taught White Belt moves. After watching this, you won’t just be more confident about coming into class. You’ll also build all the strong foundations in the lead up to grading day.

Instructor: Ivan Voranoff
Recommended level: White Belts
Duration: 4 hours 54 minutes
Format: Digital download (MP4)
Pricing in AUD


About 80+ Techniques From White to Blue

As a White Belt, your brain gets swamped with lots of new information. It can get tricky to remember it all, let alone piece it all together. This masterclass is the ultimate how-to guide of the major techniques instructors teach at a beginner level. If you’ve caught the jiu-jitsu bug and you can’t wait to accelerate your progress, you can call this an essential part of the journey! Packed with almost 5 hours of content, it’s packed with all the revision you need to go up the ranks.


What this masterclass covers

  • A show-and-tell of 90 beginner BJJ techniques 
  • An understanding of the basic sweeps, controls, passes and transitions
  • Essential takedowns and moves from stand-up
  • Effective submission and submission entries for free-rolling and competition
  • Details and concepts of common techniques
  • Basics of defending attacks

About the instructor

Born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Ivan Voranoff has lived and breathed Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Coming from a background of Judo and other martial arts, he discovered a passion for BJJ, where he worked his way to a 1st Degree Black Belt under professor Breno Angelo of Gracie Humaita Petropolis.

Since moving to Australia and building up Melbourne Jiu-jitsu Academy, Ivan has been an active member of the Australian Jiu-Jitsu community. You’ll often find him refereeing, competing, or coaching his team at major competitions across the country.

He has also completed a certification course for the “Ginastica Natural” method of training – a methodology used by fighters and professional athletes around the world. Ivan incorporates these concepts into his competition and teaching, creating a style that compliments natural human movement.

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