Getting Your Partner To The Mat


When you jump on the mats with a strong takedown game, that’s a good sign you’ve got an early advantage. Gi or NoGi, wrestling and takedowns are useful at any level of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. In his very first masterclass, Sam Cannons shares the tips that he’s used to win national BJJ titles and coach the Melbourne Storm.

Instructor: Sam Cannons
Recommended level: White, Blue & Purple Belts
Duration: 47 minutes
Format: Digital download (MP4)
Pricing in AUD


About the Getting Your Opponent to the Mat

Not all BJJ clubs have access to a dedicated wrestling or takedown coach. For Sam Cannons, it’s one of those things that comes naturally. This masterclass will take away the guesswork out of takedowns. From techniques, drills and details, you’ll finish watching it with the confidence to get the upper hand of your next opponent. Sam has competed, won and medalled in multiple local and international competitions, and he’s coached athletes who have done the same. This is a must-have for both students and coaches who want to strengthen their stand-up.

What this masterclass covers:

  • Essential takedowns – Snap Downs, Arm Drags, Double legs, Firemen’s Carry, Single Leg variations and more
  • How to effectively and safely drill takedowns at your club
  • Wrestling techniques and details
  • Entries and finishes
  • Takedown details for BJJ

About the instructor

Sam Cannons has been a life long martial artist, training in a variety of traditional and western styles from a young age, and attaining various belts and grades. It wasn’t until Sam discovered Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in 2009 that he found exactly what he was looking for.

His interest in Strength and Conditioning led to Sport Science and Olympic weightlifting. After attaining many formal qualifications, Sam completed a year-long internship that landed him a job with the Melbourne Storm. He has also worked as a head coach at Crossfit gyms and other professional Strength and Conditioning facilities.

Sam is the head coach at Evolution Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and is a GFT Black Belt with a keen eye on wrestling and takedowns. Not to mention he has a competition career to back it up! When he’s not training or coaching, he’ll be enjoying a good feed or spending time with his kids. 

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