Lasso Guard Fundamentals

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If you ask the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community, not many people will base a full game around the Lasso Guard. So when we caught up with Dean Liebenberg to chat all things instructionals, we knew it was a great opportunity to understand how he’s used it to medal in major BJJ comps around the world.

Instructor: Dean LiebenBerg
Recommended level: Blue & Purple Belts
Duration: 54 minutes
Format: Digital download (MP4)
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About the Lasso Guard

The Lasso Guard is a pain point for many of us. But out in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, there’s a laid back 100kg surfer, lifesaver and ex-rugby player who’s made a reputation for it. In this instructional, Dean Liebenberg covers the key components of his go-to Lasso Guard. Medals in Abu Dhabi World Championships and Grand Slams can’t be wrong!

What this instructional covers:

  • Essential Lasso Guard techniques
  • How to control distance and speed
  • Position entries from Closed Guard, Half Guard
  • Lasso Guard sweeps with opponent on their knees
  • Lasso Guard sweeps with opponent standing
  • Guard retention

About the instructor

Dean Liebenberg is a BJJ Black Belt under Julio Cesar. He spent 14 years of training and competing before he started breeding his own team athletes. Super laid back, yet experience well-travelled, he brings a breadth of knowledge to his coaching.

Where did it begin? After becoming increasingly interested in MMA and UFC, Dean started his BJJ at a local Queensland gym in 2006. At the age of 24, Dean moved to London. Although he continued to play rugby, his interest in jiu jitsu was growing. A search for a BJJ academy led him to London Fight Factory (LFF) which was led by Rodrigo “Brucutu” Cabral,  Thiago “Monstro” Borges, Claudio Silva and Marco Canha. Dean met Carlos Vieira at a seminar in LFF. The two became friends and Dean would even go as far as making regular flights to the Canary Islands to learn the art. He’d also make regular trips to Brazil, training in some of the best gyms in Rio de Janeiro.

Fast-forward to 2014, Dean took up BJJ full time. Soon after, he opened up his own club and now dedicates his time to teaching Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to adults, kids and teens at Vermelho BJJ.

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2 reviews for Lasso Guard Fundamentals

  1. Jaye Eid

    Great insight into lasso guard. Shows you not just a techniques but techniques based on reaction. It’s complete system., I’ve watched a lot instructionals and this is up there with one my best…🤘🏼

  2. Stuart Kwan

    As one of the most accomplished black belts on this side of the equator, Dean’s techniques have been competition tested around the world. Along with his articulate teaching style everyone from the casual white belt to the competition black belt will find benefits from this tutorial.

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