Six-Plus-One Concept


This instructional isn’t your typical how-to. Gustavo Falciroli presents a concept essential to hacking the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It’s one of the ones that will give you a lot of “a-ha” moments. Essential for White Belts who are starting out, the instructional goes over 6 key positions and how to gain an advantage from each (Six-Plus-One!).

Instructor: Gustavo Falciroli
Recommended level: White Belts
Duration: 54 mins
Format: Digital download (MP4)
Pricing in AUD


About the Six-Plus-One Concept

New to jiu-jitsu? There’s no doubt your brain’s overloaded with information. Going up the ranks in BJJ takes years. It takes just as long to fully make sense of each move. So we don’t just love this instructional for Gustavo’s Brazilian accent, but purely because it starts with WHY. By watching this, you won’t just know and recognise key positions. You’ll understand the purpose of each, therefore leaving you with a better grasp of how to defend or gain advantage from each one.

What this instructional covers:

  • What the Six-Plus-One Concept is and how to use it to fast-track your progress as a white belt
  • Identifying the Six essential BJJ positions taught at white belt – Standing, Guard, Side Control, Mount Turtle, Back
  • Understanding the purpose of each position
  • Submitting your opponent from each position

About the instructor

With over 20 years of experience and an international fight record to match, Gustavo Falciroli has made a strong name in Australia’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu scene. Now a fourth degree Black Belt, he is the Head Coach and owner of Lab 33 – A Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, boxing, hybrid grappling, Mixed Martial Arts, and striking school in Melbourne’s inner east.

Originally from Brazil, he started training in 1996 with Paulo Streckert, and by 2003 he was awarded his black belt under Roberto Tozi and Roberto Godoi. After placing 3rd at the BJJ World Championships and winning the Brazilian Cup, he took home a handful of state titles in Brazil before moving to Australia and transitioning into MMA. With a fight record of 26 fights and 17 wins, he is renowned for his grappling and submissions.

Gustavo has fought on numerous promotions around the world including AFC, Shooto, ACB, ONE Championship and more. He now dedicates his time to his students and referees major BJJ tournaments in Melbourne.

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